History of the Ohio-Leipzig Partnership

Bolstered by a rich history of collaboration and kinship, the relationship between Ohio University and Leipzig University has spanned decades and continues to grow stronger with new projects and exchanges.

The first contact between the universities was in the 1880s, when John Pancoast Gordy and James E. Le Rossignol — two faculty members at Ohio University — traveled to Germany to earn their doctoral degrees at Leipzig University.

More than a century later, the relationship between OHIO and Leipzig University has blossomed into a collaboration that spans several disciplines and departments, incorporating OHIO’s history and chemistry departments, the Scripps College of Communication, the College of Business, the College of Fine Arts and the Global Leadership Center.

During OHIO’s International Education Week celebration in November, Leipzig University President Beate Schücking called the partnership a “special story of friendship.”

Leipzig City Streets

In 2009, OHIO’s Global Leadership Center partnered with the Institute for American Studies at Leipzig to begin a program that incorporates students and faculty from both schools. Since that collaboration began, more than 100 students from each university have worked together to complete various projects.

The collaboration between OHIO and Leipzig has also extended into the sciences, particularly through student and faculty exchange programs and research projects in chemistry and biochemistry.  This year’s project for the Ohio-Leipzig Transatlantic Summit, which focuses on the opioid epidemic, places a special emphasis on the relationship between science, policy making and communication.

Although this year’s project only takes place over the course of two weeks, the summit is slated to continue for the next two years.